So as some of you already noticed, i've finally managed it to climb to Gold. (Yay!) And am now pretty much trying to decide how exactly I proceed in League. One of my ideas was to actually finally learn all the other roles aswell. I don't say I want to master them and play them perfectly, but at least at a decent level would be nice. The thought behind it is that I will be able to enjoy games where I don't get my favorite role aswell and will be able to play whatever I get at least decently. And I think it might help me understand the game further. It's always different when you just see one thing and another if you experienced it yourself.
I don't think I will be able to climb much higher as a Support only... but yeah.

I'm still always looking for feedback to my gameplay. trying to learn from the mistakes I make. ^^' So, whoever ends up playing with me, keep pointing them out.

I noticed that since I'm gold I tend to do a lot more positioning mistakes... not sure where that comes from now...

Always open fur suggestions. Cuz well, want to keep climbing ^^


EDIT: Big Thanks to everyone who helped me climbing to Gold. <3 Big Thanks to Vynertje for mentoring me and pointing out my mistakes. Ekairot for overall support and duo q ^^ Dranida, Wayne, Oxide, Plagas, Wez, Sineca, Neme for duo qing. And everyone for ocasional feedback on my Inhouses play, cuz that actually helped me a lot. :3