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29 Oct
The following text has nothing to do with League of Legends. It is more of a moment and thought which I wanted to share with the community and the world, since it plays a big role in this. I honestly am not the best writer and the following text can "sound" really romantic/dreamy/philosophical. I just hope nobody is mind me posting this here. I really just want to share a beautiful moment I had this morning.
I ask you, who have decided to read this, to take your time to do so. Music I'd advice for listening to while reading this:...
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25 Sep

Views: 1181 Gold :D:D:D


So as some of you already noticed, i've finally managed it to climb to Gold. (Yay!) And am now pretty much trying to decide how exactly I proceed in League. One of my ideas was to actually finally learn all the other roles aswell. I don't say I want to master them and play them perfectly, but at least at a decent level would be nice. The thought behind it is that I will be able to enjoy games where I don't get my favorite role aswell and will be able to play whatever I get at least decently. And I think it might help me understand the game further. It's always different when you...
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