The following text has nothing to do with League of Legends. It is more of a moment and thought which I wanted to share with the community and the world, since it plays a big role in this. I honestly am not the best writer and the following text can "sound" really romantic/dreamy/philosophical. I just hope nobody is mind me posting this here. I really just want to share a beautiful moment I had this morning.
I ask you, who have decided to read this, to take your time to do so. Music I'd advice for listening to while reading this:
On Tuesday the 22ed of October I had to get up at 6 am, and was already tired. I have barely slept, felt like I have been awake the whole night. An exam was upcoming the next day and this was going to be a long day anyway. I stepped outside, it was still dark. On my way to the University I kept on chatting with Broshizzle so I have something to do in the tram, and won't fall asleep as I was super tired. Generally, having to get up and get going before the sunrise, always reminds me of very long school days, so I wasn't too happy about it…
When the first rays of sunlight started to brighten up the sky, I suddenly got excited. I haven't really seen a sunrise yet so iI started to follow the sun and tried to get the best view I could get from the University, as I arrived a bit early to class anyway. I tried to take a picture of it and sent it to Broshizzle, as we were still talking an I considered it a wonderful view:
He told me that at his place, it was already snowing. I am a winter child and I wanted to really see that, so I asked him to take a picture of the snow for me:

At about the same time, another friend of mine came online and I shared the picture with him as well, and asked him to take a picture of his city for me as well:

This is when I started to get philosophical, thinking how close and yet so far we all are. It would probably take me only a few hours to get to those places now days, so they seem rather close. At the same time, it is really interesting to see how different the weather is. I got more and more curious about all the places in the world, and started to ask all my friends from all over the world to send me pictures of their cities, nature, anything from their country. Basically a picture from today. Those were the replies I've got:



I was and still am surprised by how many people reacted to my call and actually took the time to take a picture of their country for me. It really means a lot to me. For me, this is seeing one moment from all kind of places all over the globe. It means being far away but still close. It shows as well how close we are connected through the current technology. I know this sounds all very dreamy, poetic, romantic even. But for me, it really meant a lot to see the world today. Although only in pictures. There are so many differences and similarities between us all and our countries at the same time. And we are all connected.

I just wanted to try and share this beautiful moment which I experienced this morning. I wanted to share all those pictures with all of you, as we are all part of it. Some of you contributed and helped me by taking and sharing these pictures with me. I am very thankful for that. Really. It is like I haven't been alone today. It is, as if I shared my moment with all of you, and you shared moments of your life with me in return. It is like we all shared one moment, one day.

It really surprised me how many of you responded to my request. Some of you are good friends I talk to every day, some I barely know or haven't spent much time with yet. But still, you answered my calls. That really means a lot to me. It also shows kindness of hearts, in a way. And I am really happy to have been able to do this and want to thank everyone who took the time to take a picture for me today. Thank you very much.

PS: If that made anyone smile, let me know X)

Note: Even though those aren't many pictures, and I am still waiting for some, the point that many of you actually agreed to send me pics is awesome. The thought counts ^^