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RSG Dyros (Unverified)
Darius, Rumble, Pantheon
Tank, Fighter


I am Dyros, RSG's toplaner ever since season 3. I started playing league of legends just after beta closed and season 1 started, just for some fun with friends. After playing with the same people for a while we saw and heard that we had some potential of becoming a more serious team due to natural synergy with each other. Since season 5 we decided to focus a bit more on actually becoming better and are now practicing on a regular basis combined with a lot of fun.

Throughout my LoL 'career' I rarely looked at other's builds and play styles and usually went with what felt right for me. Why? Because my preferred role in a team is a tank. And things like active, up-to-date guides and information is not as easy to come by as it is for ADcarry mains or midlaners. Or as I like to call them: 'spotlight roles'.

On behalf of representing my team I decided to join mobafire and share some of my experience with all of you toplaners out there.

Please do keep in mind that all of the info I write about is completely my own experience and opinion, I am not an LCS player and I do not claim to be one, or to have the best guides. This is just what works for me and to act as an inspiration for you guys to use as part of your own play styles.

Questions and/or tips are always welcome folks!

Regards from top,