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Diana, Katarina, Vayne
, Mage, Marksman


I started playing LoL at 5th June of 2012. Exactly when came out. I have gone through champions in order to find some that i played better than the others. At my early levels, i liked a lot, when he first was in rotation. But, my first champion bought for 6300 IP was . I mained him, along with and . They were my top for a long time. From time to time i also played , she was my first adc. Around 20 lvl i added to that list, and from that moment on i mained midlane. On 30 lvl when my best friend did a pentakill with , i became obsessed with pentakills, so i bought too. But it ended up with quadras. I decided to buy then, and i played him a lot. Still just quadra. Then i said "screw pentakills", and started to collect IP's for , but when i had 6300, i said "no, i will buy ". In second game with her i have done a pentakill, and from that moment she was my favorite champion. Sometimes i played different heroes like , , , but still was my main (for midlane). In 2013 i have reached gold tier, and in 2014, i have changed my nickname from RuskiPop to Unelith. My mains for solo top are now , and ( got boring). For jungle it would be or , but i usually do not jungle. I DONT LIKE JUNGLE. Same goes with support, but when i have to play supp, i pick or . My fav adc's are , and (yup, but usually i don't pick him for they call me troll).

Some words about my attitude:
- Never give up
- Get higher in tiers
- Hate and
- Ban
- Use unorthodox builds

I once had a guide. Maybe i will refresh it, but i think i will focus on uploading my weird 'troll noob report' builds.

I am going to play in Polish ESL along with my team - Rebellion Europe NE, but some people have technical problems. Please read my blog, comment, hate, whatever. I just want some following. Let's start a revolution! #RebellionEUNE #GoldenTroll #Unelith