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There's really nothing much to talk about ... I mean things that i want people to know xP Unless I know that person as a friend or such...

If anything, I play League of Legends. I guess I'm pretty good, not HotshotGG good, but good enough. I play ranked games every so often, but I don't really like to play so seriously, I mean it's just a game. Should be fun with a side of awesomeness xD.

I've played for about 2 years ever since League was created and I know for a fact that is has changed A LOT. But it's not a bad change, I like how the riot producers are working their hardest to create new champions and ideas like Dominion to League.

Well, my bio was more like an opinion, but heck, it's who I am.

If any of you guys want to play League with me, I'd be more than happy to. Just add me - Ruzenkz.