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Started playing LoL on February 24th 2011 and since then, have become addicted and skilled in a short month. I have reached summoner level 30, but I am still trying to attain a level of skill in which I believe I can compete in ranked games effectively. I have watched many ranked matches including live streams of the recent tournament for qualifiers going to Dream Hack this summer. In short, I'm afraid to play ranked and ruin my record; but I am definitely not a newbie that griefs, feeds, doesn't know when to go back, trolls, rage quits, etc. I am just looking for that confidence and team to finally start getting serious about this game (for I have gone a bit too serious with this game). Don't get me wrong, I have friends, a girlfriend, and the common sense to leave the house, but this game takes up most of my lonely time and I literally spend days in school just thinking of innovative builds and strategies. Because this game has no formula. Innovation is what separates the pros from the people that look up builds with google.