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SalaHyena (Unverified)
Graves, Galio, Kayle
Ranged DPS, Tank, Melee DPS


Tanking with AP-galio (AP masteries + Mainly Magic resist, although I do take Armor for AD heavy teams.)

DPSing with Kayle now (Yeh She is AP Melee DPS :P)

Carrying with Graves (Also support with well placed Smoke Screens, one can change a team fight!)

Random Malphites (AP/Armor, depends on mood) and Alistars (AP/Tank) might be seen.

Used to play Talon, but he was just too squishy for those dashes. Also DPS Kayle just4lulz.

Seen me in battle and want to give feedback? SalaHyena is the Gmail account I use.
Feedback Appreciated. (Yes, I might need pings to know you are initiating Team fight, My map awareness is quite good, but I can't read your minds.)