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About me :

My first owend Champ was Annie. I played her awile and got Vi+Neonstrike Vi for 70% off so i started playing Vi top alot. Soon I got my selve Jinx and tryed too lirn to play ADC and I sucked at ADC so I continued to play top and jungle.
Later on i got my selve Orianna. I sucked at her too. But i loved her kit so much I desidet to lirn the Champ no matter what so I did. Than I got Leona and played support and ppl tryed to keep me in support role witch i didnt like.

So now I main Orianna.

Wen I dont get Mid to play Orianna

I go Top and play

For jungle I also pick Camille, Nocturen, Shyvana and Vi alot

My three supprt picks will be Alistar Leona and Orianna

I got placed at B2 wen I started in S6 and droped to B5 now in S7 I got placed in B5 again and I want to master a few Champions and climb.
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