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Ryze, Amumu, Taric
Caster DPS, Tank, Support


Started playing at some point mid-summer 2011, and boy can I be brutally honest... I sucked, sucked HARD.
Having thought that have a small amount of exp from DoTa from Warcraft III mod, (oh those were the days, I can tell you) would be helpful, even in the slightest, I can tell you now, I WAS WRONG.
The bonuses, DoTa vs. LoL;
This game is most certainly more balanced than the DoTa games I used to play
I really enjoy NOT having to "Re-select" your character every blooming second (oh thank the heavens)
The fact that you cant randomly be attacked under turrets, if you have minions near.
The tactical advantage you have with turrets, i.e. baiting the enemy to hit you, and getting the turret to target them.

The one thing I love the most about this game, is the fact that "I am more addicted to this game than a whole life's worth of addiction felt from a crack addict"