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I'm a veteran MMO gamer, 20 years old, been gaming my whole life, from NES and up. Lost my love of consoles when I found computer gaming 7 or so years ago. Played MMOs mostly, a bit of FPS on the side, always loved role playing games, so that came naturally.

I never really liked RTS games, but something about MOBAs pulled me in when a friend of mine asked me to create a LoL account to play with him as he started. I already had one from giving it a short try a few years back early on in the first season and the second time around I took to it quickly.

I hit level 30 quickly without buying any exp boosts and did a lot of cycling through champions on my way there. I always have enjoyed the solo-mid gameplay and tended to play it as a caster, even though the overwhelming dominance of Caitlyn in low level normal play. This paid off big as I entered level 30 play, where AP carry mid is common. I tend to play Annie mid now or Soraka Support. I'm always open to trying out new champions, though.

I recently did my 10th ranked match, giving me my rank.