Alright you ****s, let's get down to business. Now, as many of you know, I'm in diamond elo right now and heading up to 3k elo. How do you know I'm not lying? WELL OBVIOUSLY I AM! That is irrelevant though, I am here to bring you a quicky of my 3s cho'gath build as a silver elo man of fortune. While this may look like I trolled, I can assure you that it is legitemate and the fact that I made it while trolling is totally irrelevant.

So without further ado, I bring you BEST CHO BUILD NA/not EU cause they're not worthy. Actually, I'm only showing you the items so you can go and use it. Trust me, not only does this build work but it's hilarious to listen to people's reactions. HI-LARRR-IOUS-ahem....enjoy.
Cause I'm a lazy ****, I only worded the items. Deal with it.

Start: Boots + Ruby Crystal
3 Ruby Crystals + Giant's Belt
Overlord's Bloodmail + Giant's Belt
Haunting Guise/Ionic Spark (doesn't matter, just whichever one you can afford)
Frozen Mallet (I might change this to a different item, but it's the one I used)
Nashor's Tooth (this last item, I never actually chose in the game, so I just put this one in for now)

So that's it guise.
(It really does work)