I seriously don't know. I mean, am I spamming maybeh? because I go to the blogs and it's like blog then me then a blog or two then me then a blog and then **** THIS **** ITS HIM AGAIN. I SHOULD TROLL THAT *****.
Well, that's what I feel like you're thinking anyways. It's probably more like this.
heh. what a loser. Posting a blog. hehehe.
^ woops, that's what I think. Sorry. How about this one.
...*squints really hard* shifty...cake...:@ RAGE TROLL **** THIS RAGE ASDNAASDASD awww look, a blog about penguins.
^ that more accurate? or maybeh deep down you're really nice inside and go:
I really like this guy. He does amazing stuff, I'm gonna check out his blog cause hes so pro.
^ that. Is a person that does not exist. Good luck finding someone who would think that. Or you could have anger management issues and be like this:
shifty...cake...*calmly picks up your mouse* **** THIS **** I DONT WANT TO HEAR SUCH A LOSER :@ GO AWAY YOU PIECE OF **** WHOSE NEVER GOING TO **** IN THEIR LIFE *breaks computer* *calmly walks out of the room* MANDBJIASBDBSDJASHBDHASBDHKASBDASHBDHASBHD *starts breaking stuff*
^ I think you can udnerstand that'll go on for awhile.

Ohk, I thnk my rants done so...what do you really think?