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ShiftyCake's Mobafire Blog - Tag: blogs

18 May

So...I lied. I really tried to only post strategy and updates, but I couldn't help it. Deal with it. Or don't.

On to my real point. Has anyone else realized the inflation of blogs lately? It's Germany all over again. damn Nazis.
There are simply so many, everyone seems to have realized that a blog button exists and are madly pressing it.
Then they talk about non-sequential **** that no-one cares about. Like pfff, how stupid.
Oh wait...

Anyway, my point is that this blog...
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24 Apr
I seriously don't know. I mean, am I spamming maybeh? because I go to the blogs and it's like blog then me then a blog or two then me then a blog and then **** THIS **** ITS HIM AGAIN. I SHOULD TROLL THAT *****.
Well, that's what I feel like you're thinking anyways. It's probably more like this.
heh. what a loser. Posting a blog. hehehe.
^ woops, that's what I think. Sorry. How about this one.
...*squints really hard* shifty...cake...:@ RAGE TROLL **** THIS RAGE ASDNAASDASD awww look, a blog about penguins.
^ that more accurate? or maybeh deep down you're really nice...
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