I have to say, I believe lulu is the most prominent support. Her powers are just perfect, allowing for support on every type of champion. Some though, believe that she is good in strength, and so create their character based on ap or such and use their abilities on themselves.
don't be gay.
Here's a link to a guide that I find provides the best build for support lulu: http://www.mobafire.com/league-of-legends/build/lulu-ahh-there-is-my-squirrel-support-build-196253

Now, some may sway at this guide for the starting items. All the health pots and sight wards. And there's clairvoyance too, like jesus.
But it's sweet that way.
here's a trick with the sight wards. Put it in the grass at the start in you're lane. Put it in you're grass if they're pushing you, and put it in theirs if you're doing the pushing. When they hide in the bushes to gank or whatever, you can hit them with you're abilities because they're unprepared. It's a nice way to fight.
Clairvoyance is good because if someone goes mia, you use it to check if they're heading you're way or someone else's way. Anti-gank in affect.
nice isn't it.

Now, support lulu. here's what I do with lulu, strategy wise. I stay in my lane early, doing the things I just said. But once we start lane crossing, and going for champion kills instead of laning, I change strategy. Some people like the w e r support. For magic ranged melee.
That's stupid.
You're providing minimal support on 3 different champions.
no, I refuse to do that.
Here's what I do. I pick out the best champion in the team (well, the best damage champion really) and I follow them around. Their personal support to be exact. This allows them many kills, because attacks they usually couldn't do are now possible. Not the character is getting fed, making it op. It also gives me assists, so I get fed too. If not as fast, fast enough. Now that we're both fed, we push. For all their champions probs couldn't take us out.
and so we've won.
There's no way to beat such an op champion.
And with the amount of money the champion I'm supporting has, if they're countered they just have to change their gear.

So, support lulu turned personal, thoughts?