it double posted yet came up with error on first post.

WTH trolling.

I might as well make this post useful lolz. So, I'm gonna go ahead and lol at this I have seen:

someone creating another account to play new characters so they don't do **** on their main account. like wut, really. LOL. WOW. It's not that bad I suppose, but I just can't see myself bothering.

Another thing to blab about. How to train your dragon is an mazing movie. I keep watching it over, I first watched it when it was out in the cinemas so yeah. Just telling people who haven't seen it to go and watch it now. GO. download it illegally if you must < For future reference, I never said that. Just saying.

If you're worried about age context, it's amazing for all genre of people. It's just one of those simply perfect movies designed and mastered. So watch it, or I'll troll you to you're deathbed. Actually no I won't, but still...