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ShiftyCake's Mobafire Blog - Tag: narcissism

27 Apr it double posted yet came up with error on first post.

WTH trolling.

I might as well make this post useful lolz. So, I'm gonna go ahead and lol at this I have seen:

someone creating another account to play new characters so they don't do **** on their main account. like wut, really. LOL. WOW. It's not that bad I suppose, but I just can't see myself bothering.

Another thing to blab about. How to train your dragon is an mazing movie. I keep watching it over, I first watched it when it was out in the cinemas so yeah. Just telling people who haven't seen it to go and watch...
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24 Apr

I'm sick of hearing people going "omg, this guidez suckz. I went 0/9/3 with thiz guidez cause it sukz."
GUIDE: to supply (a person) with advice or counsel, as in practical or spiritual affairs.

*****ez, learn the word guide. It can't make you good, it only helps you improve where you're already at. It's up to you to lose your life and play the character so much you're talking like him and dreaming him in your sleep.
That's possible.
I went 50/0/23
Sleeps so much kewler.
so take my advice and PLAY THE DAMN CHARACTER....
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23 Apr
Anyone else realized this. Like, for instance, you buy a new champion you then you can play against AI's to learn him/her. Or if you've raged enough against uber pro's and go to play some AI to cool off. Anyway you look at it, LoL bots have improved its genre double-fold.
Just wanted to tell you what I think of bots.
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23 Apr
Hecarim + Alistar = OP

that's right. When you get them together, they're just so incredibly OP it's not even funny. How do I know this? I played a game with my friend with it, and we got 4 kills straight up. basically we both have cc's while dealing high damage + alistar tanks the damage. Early game, it makes it easy to take them out. Just gotta get behind them.

So yeah, if you're playing with a friend then try alistar and hecarim.
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