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ShiftyCake's Mobafire Blog - Tag: narcissism

23 Apr
Anyone have a clue what this new update is. For if it's nothing, I'm gonna be majorly pissed seeing as it's stuffed up my fmodex.dll again and I can't get a fix on it.

Stupid fmodex.dll'

EDIT #1: holy ****. After all that bluddy effort, this is the solution :@

ohk, go into you're league of legends folder and play the leagueoflegends.exe.admin one. that's it. enjoy. LOL.
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23 Apr
Anyone else get this? I mean, when you're hardcore losing from op players but you manage to hold your own. Then you get complemented from enemy team for doing exactly that, it feels pretty awesome.

Also, it's really fun versing them. Makes you use all the tricks you have, and more.
So perspective on losing is situational.
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18 Apr
I realize it's a bit late to post this, but I failed to think of it at the time. Yes, my mind failed to comprehend the seamless possibilities of fathoming the inner mind of Hecarim.
That's right.
My mind isn't perfect.
Damn shame isn't it.
It's ruined any pretense of being perfect.
Ignoring such an incomprehensable truth, I resolve to continue the pretense of being perfect.
Yes, big words do make you sound smarter.

So onto something important. Hecarim. My first impression. First off, let me point out that while Hecarim is good at jungling, you cannot jungle him at first level....
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17 Apr
I have to say, I believe lulu is the most prominent support. Her powers are just perfect, allowing for support on every type of champion. Some though, believe that she is good in strength, and so create their character based on ap or such and use their abilities on themselves.
don't be gay.
Here's a link to a guide that I find provides the best build for support lulu:

Now, some may sway at this guide for the starting items. All the health pots and sight wards. And there's...
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17 Apr
Actually, it probably is BUT that's not the point. I'm just gonna ignore all the ****, and go right ahead and tell you what this blog is about.
That's right.
The one and only.
Expecting something else? Sorry to dissapoint, and no. There is no specific focus this blog has, besides being all about me.
Who wouldn't want to read this? I mean seriously,
it's me.
You know.
The guy everyone always looks up to.
perfect hair.
perfect teeth.
perfect looks.
perfect brain.
ohk, maybe that's not me. But you don't know do you? So let's assume for a second that is me, would you check this...
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