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20 Jan
My league that I started with a couple of friends draft start at 6 ET on 12/24/11 where everyone will be able to draft nba players to their team. Also, this league is head to head points where if the nba player does well in real life their fantasy points will show the same equivalence. I will post information from each team and who they draft here. Once, the draft ends I will publish my wins and loss stats for future blogs.

Scoring setting:

Points (PTS) 1
Blocks (BLK) 3
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17 Nov
After being pissed off about photobucket no longer using my images I am no longer going to post about my solo rank journey. I no longer play LoL as much anyways with Skyrim and other games that recently came out I can no longer be paying that much attention to LoL. Maybe 1 day I will be posting my journey from now on it will be a private matter.
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11 Nov

Views: 1241 Solo Rank #5


Top: Skarner vs Singed
Mid Morgana vs Malzahar
Bot: Graves and Alistar vs Corki and Tryndamere
Jungle: Shyvana vs Nocturne


Corki was afk for banning phase. So we didn't ban anyone.

Graves was fed and Tryndamere DC during an important fight which led them to win.

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