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ShweddedWheat (Unverified)
Nautilus, Rengar, Udyr
Jungler, Tank, Melee DPS


Everyone has had bad luck in solo-que every once in awhile. Maybe even more often than we'd like to admit. In my next few guides I will be introducing you to many characters (mostly junglers, but some top lane) in order for people in the levels of bronze and silver to improve their game-play and climb out of ELO hell. I have recently started playing league of legends around November of 2012 and in that time I have level to 30, become proficient with nearly 40 characters, and raised myself from bronze all the way to where I am today. My profile will be aimed at teaching people who have been stuck in bronze and silver techniques to raise their ELO and grow as a player. I hope everyone enjoys my upcoming and currently published guides. If anyone has any problems with them feel free to send me a post. I am open to questions as well. I will try to keep my guides updated as quickly as possible.