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Hello there! My name is Cole and my Summoner Name is Old King Crow (A play on my nickname "Crow" and the old nursery rhyme with my name in it, "Old King Cole"). My SN used to be Sinjustice, like my Mobafire username, but I changed it to go along with philosophy of starting fresh for Season 3. I currently have a #1 Jarvan IV guide and a #1 Rumble guide, both for solo top, which have earned over 4 million views combined. I'm pretty excited about my current duo. In recent times these two haven't been the most powerful solo tops, but in their prime they both helped bring me into the world of winning ranked games, peaking at 1500 in Season One and 1556 early in Season Two! I try to keep them as viable and updated as possible, so constructive criticism is always welcome. I am a college student, so they will be outdated from time to time, but rest assured that I'll get to them when I can

I aspire to enter the games industry. As a Media Arts and Games Development major with a minor in Public Relations, my primary goal is to get an internship with a game studio that is engaging, informative, and portfolio-building which allows me to showcase my skills as a team player and my ability to learn quickly and work efficiently.

My ultimate career goal is to get some sort of social media or community management position at a major game studio, like Riot Games, ArenaNet, Bethesda Softworks, Raven Software, Valve, or any other innovative company with a need for an employee who's enthusiastic, passionate about video games, and eager to make a difference in the game industry.

I've been playing League of Legends since November 2010 and I do my fair share of research. I watch a lot of higher ELO streams and try and adapt their strategies and builds to my own playstyle. What works for me, I play, which is not always the flavor of the month. I make no claims to be the greatest, but I'm proud of my skill and the amount I've improved.