Most of you probably don't know who I am and why I have, but no doubt from the orange name, you deduced I was clearly important! And some of you oldies might remember me. I've been teasing a return for quite a while and I've finally done it!

My name is Sirell, I used to be based in UK, but now I'm based in Korea. I used to play on EUW and have now begun my crusade into KR LoL Silver... maybe even Gold! It's sad to lose all my champions and skins (especially the -PAID- skins). I just want an English-speaking community that still plays LoL (though I see many of the old guard has left), which is why I'm back. Ah... I miss the good old days of getting into fights in many a champion guide.

It has been 4 years since I left LoL. It was 4 or 5 when I left, I think. A lot sure has changed on Summoner's Rift. Starting a fresh account certainly has been interesting. Some things:

- Calling for roles. After I unlocked ranked and draft pick on EUW, I never played Blind again except with friends and even when I did play it, I would auto-lock, consequences be damned. In draft, I'd just fill. I remember having an argument with one of my good friends Meiyjhenananana about whether that was a **** move and whether blind was better than draft for casual games. Coming back to LoL, it was nostalgic to see again.

- Flaming. Actually, Korea is not too bad with regards to this, even on Overwatch. I hear the punishment system in Lol also got better (courtesy of my toxic repeatedly chat-banned friend). Of course, it also helps that you're incompetent at the language, so you don't know what anyone is saying anyway. Pings are amazing things, no? Though recently in an ARAM, I was Ryze and some idiot guys kept flaming me for using my ult to suicide into turret to shop and told me never to use ult again.

- Korean client. Everything is in Korean, no English. I've lived in Korea nearly 4 years now and I can communicate a fair amount of it. But just a ton of information in Korean still makes things tricky. I opened up my EUW client side-by-side with the KR client just so I could get a handle of things in general. Learning to navigate everything in Korean is actually pretty fun, though, even outside of LoL.

- The climb back up to LVL 30. Seems like they made it easier, but I'm not exactly in a hurry. I don't know how it is in EUW these days, but Koreans are stupidly into the game even from day 1. They're all making mostly meta picks, they make calls, the plays, the strats - almost no different from when I was in ranked EUW. Except warding - a lot of these suckers still don't buy the ward. That's the biggest change too, the change to vision. Turret plating also made being pushed not that desireable even if you're looking to set-up a gank.

Anyway, I must say that it's been great fun returning to LoL, getting confused by the new mastery system (because, again, it's all in Korean, so I've had to look back and forth). I hope that one day I can return to EUW and play with some oldies!