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09 Nov

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Most of you probably don't know who I am and why I have, but no doubt from the orange name, you deduced I was clearly important! And some of you oldies might remember me. I've been teasing a return for quite a while and I've finally done it!

My name is Sirell, I used to be based in UK, but now I'm based in Korea. I used to play on EUW and have now begun my crusade into KR LoL Silver... maybe even Gold! It's sad to lose all my champions and skins (especially the -PAID- skins). I just want an English-speaking community that still plays LoL (though I see many of the old guard has left),...
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06 Aug

Views: 1563 Quitting League

Of late, I haven't really been around in the community, not even inhouses. Since the last set of major changes to how guide visibility works, I also had less incentive to write stuff.

Now, the most major part is that I'm quitting League. I'm not sure how much I can stay around for, since I won't be playing the game any more. The reason is because I'm simply no longer in Europe, lol. I came to Hong Kong yesterday and I have made plans to be in Asia for many years to come in a professional capacity. Though I do have the desire to continue playing, I have no desire to create smurf accounts...
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15 May
It's been a while since I've actually been properly active, I've just been dropping comments here and there, but not really properly getting involved in much. I've fallen behind my review service and not playing as many LoL games (especially ranked) and my skill has dropped considerably in the last few patches among other things and I just wanted to give a quick update on what has been happening in my life recently.

- So I finished my final exam two days and have just been spending my freedom with some friends.

- I got an offer from Birkbeck College, University of London to do a MA...
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18 Feb
So I was talking in Kesharq's ranked journey thread when a point came up about Tier Distribution and how there were more Silvers than Bronzes with the removal of clamping. This was news to me, so I took the liberty to look into this.

In the past, the majority of players were easily Bronze players (roughly 45% Bronze, 41% Silver, 10% Gold, 3% Platinum, <1% Diamond, <1% Challenger on NA servers).

Looking into more recent charts:


Percentage of Bronze Players: 36.17205%
Percentage of Silver Players: 39.87386%...
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22 Dec
So this is something I've been considering for some time.

While in online games and the such, I've always used the username 'Sirell', I've gradually grown tired of it (also, there's some ***hat on EUNE with the same username who's Bronze II and I really don't want to be associated with him -_-;). So basically, I'm open to ideas and inspirations. I've already got some ideas picked out, which I'll list below, but I would also like to hear other opinions (and the inevitable jokes that will come with such a request) which might inspire me to come up with something else.

Current ideas:...
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