So this is something I've been considering for some time.

While in online games and the such, I've always used the username 'Sirell', I've gradually grown tired of it (also, there's some ***hat on EUNE with the same username who's Bronze II and I really don't want to be associated with him -_-;). So basically, I'm open to ideas and inspirations. I've already got some ideas picked out, which I'll list below, but I would also like to hear other opinions (and the inevitable jokes that will come with such a request) which might inspire me to come up with something else.

Current ideas:

Long10 - Recently, Red Bull BC One Solo Breakdance competition was won by a Korean named Hong10. Since my name is 'Long' and I'm also a breakdancer, I jokingly said on Facebook to some breakdancing friends one time that 'the legend of Long10 begins now' and during my last battle, people were shouting 'Long10' at me, so it's now kinda stuck. Even though I'm not 100% comfortable with stealing a pro b-boy's name in the breakdancing scene, I feel it's quite acceptable in the LoL scene, where considerably fewer people will know of it.

Zi-Dragon - So one of the inflections of my name comes to mean 'dragon'. Zi is also a name I use around the internet often, because one of my favourite historical figures is Zhao Zilong, and since I had a similar name (when spelt in English), I took to using ZiLong a lot. I've also been told that I look similar to G-Dragon from BigBang, so that's how that name came about.

There are other names which involve stealing bboy names and adding my name into it, which no one will get unless they are into the bboy scene, so I won't list any of those (pretty sure I won't use them anyway).

The other names I considered was going with random single word Summoner Names like those used by a lot of Koreans, like 'Space', 'Flame' or 'Reapered'. Pretty much been running through a dictionary in my head, but nothing seems to stick. Other than 'Long', it seems, but someone already has that name on EUW.