So I was talking in Kesharq's ranked journey thread when a point came up about Tier Distribution and how there were more Silvers than Bronzes with the removal of clamping. This was news to me, so I took the liberty to look into this.

In the past, the majority of players were easily Bronze players (roughly 45% Bronze, 41% Silver, 10% Gold, 3% Platinum, <1% Diamond, <1% Challenger on NA servers).

Looking into more recent charts:


Percentage of Bronze Players: 36.17205%
Percentage of Silver Players: 39.87386%
Percentage of Gold Players: 15.81819%
Percentage of Platinum Players:6.52046%
Percentage of Diamond Players: 1.59663%
Percentage of Challenger Players: 0.01881%


Percentage of Bronze Players: 40.46994%
Percentage of Silver Players: 37.41485%
Percentage of Gold Players: 14.45129%
Percentage of Platinum Players: 6.14737%
Percentage of Diamond Players: 1.4908%
Percentage of Challenger Players: 0.02574%


The distribution has changed noticeably, at least on the EUW and NA servers (I never had information on EUNE, so I don't know how it has changed. I have it there for comparison purposes). Whilst on NA servers, Bronze players are still the majority, on EUW, we now have a higher percentage of Silver players than Bronze players. In addition, this means the distribution of players seems to have evened out a bit. There are less Silver/Bronze, but far more Gold/Platinum/Diamond and even Challenger level players.

From this, we can draw two intermediate conclusions: the playerbase of League of Legends is overall getting better as a whole, or getting worse as a whole.

Either way, the player level of the playerbase is becoming far more homogenized. If you take a look at the charts, there's also a great telling sign of something we've always really known: Division V players are exactly the same as Division I of the tier below. In every circumstance without fail, Division V has the most players (Bronze and Challenger aside). So really, we still can't tell the difference between one tier to the next.

I also looked up my account and it seems I'm in the top 26-27% of players. Goddammit, can't even make the top quarter.