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19 Dec

Views: 719 2-Week Hiatus

Hey guys.

I'm taking a two week holiday to Hong Kong to see my parents. Which means no LoL for two weeks. I'll be studying over those two weeks and writing my final year dissertations.

But before I go, one more ARAM game.
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28 May

Views: 1669 Just Got Hacked

Well, stupidly I got hacked. So if you see me in-game at present, it's not actually me.

Talking to Riot about it at the moment and also trying password recovery on my old email.
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16 Feb

Views: 838 The Reason I Play LoL

Now, you might be thinking 'how did you lose on that score?' or 'he must have just KS-ed his teammates and hung them out to dry'.

But actually, our team was 53/14 or something ahead, not just me doing well (although I did have the best score in terms of overall K/D/A ratio). There was no way we could lose. We had taken at least 2 base turrets and an inhibitor. The only way we'd lose was if we threw. But we didn't!

The enemy Teemo was talking about how his team wouldn't surrender (he was a...
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05 Jan
So I swear, every time I have a fantastic game where I actually make the plays, LoLRecorder decides to bug out and not record it using Spectator mode. As Miss Fortune, I got an amazing Quadra kill and Ace where I'm the last man standing and then a Triple kill which led to the finish, which I had intended to upload for Mobafire TV, but it did that stupid thing where it doesn't record properly.

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