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19 Dec

Here's a brief-ish guide I created on Miss Fortune. Nothing special, just for the sake of the contest on Lolking. Would appreciate it if you gave it views, even if you downvoted it, lol (but would greatly appreciate it more if you didn't, of course).

Even if you have your own guide entered for the contest, you can leave a link to yours. I like browsing guides anyway.

Thanks in advance, I guess.
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24 Nov

A funny little game. Just normal draft mode.

Game starts with an early invasion into enemy territory. No kills, but we stole their blue and forced Ghost out of Hecarim.

Laning - Other than conceding a First Blood double-kill to Draven thanks to their Leona who was surprisingly aggressive, we then went on to dominate the lane and get fed. Zed was outfarming and outkilling Orianna, so mid was won too. But lo and behold, Wukong top. If you see in the picture above the CS he had by end...
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12 Nov

Views: 419 That Awkard Moment...

When eight people disconnect from a ranked game at once. O.o

I was playing Amumu jungle in ranked earlier and the most irritating, albeit slightly funny, phenomenon occurred.

I stole Wraiths from the enemy Jax and proceeded to take blue. I took wolves and my own wraiths and everything was fine. Teemo had taken double Golems, so I went for red. As I right-clicked on the Lizard, my game disconnected. My first reaction was 'oh **** this internet, man', did a quick alt-tab check and my internet was working fine. So I logged out the game and I tried to reconnect (it took two...
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04 Nov

Views: 1015 A Question About Veigar

I have a question about Veigar. I am aware that Veigar is a highly unplayed champion, and even more so since the DFG nerf. But is he any good? It's odd, since he's the champion which I consistently get Legendary on. It doesn't happen with any other champion I play.

I get that high mobility burst-type AP assassins or poke-type APs are the meta right now, but I don't 100% get why Veigar isn't picked so much. Can someone clarify this for me?
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18 Oct
So there's me, this low-elo player in the lobby of a ranked game. The ranked game goes to hell. As jungler, I couldn't maintain my map presence due to constant pressure nearly everywhere (even with my ultimate). I get continuously flamed by 3 members (the 4th just kept quiet, never really said anything), despite securing the majority of kills for our team (5/8 of the kills we got). So, in spite of the fact that it was a ranked game, with this team attitude, complaints and flaming, I decide to just recall to base and just watch the rest of the match. Screw reports of AFK, this will be the...
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