Of late, I haven't really been around in the community, not even inhouses. Since the last set of major changes to how guide visibility works, I also had less incentive to write stuff.

Now, the most major part is that I'm quitting League. I'm not sure how much I can stay around for, since I won't be playing the game any more. The reason is because I'm simply no longer in Europe, lol. I came to Hong Kong yesterday and I have made plans to be in Asia for many years to come in a professional capacity. Though I do have the desire to continue playing, I have no desire to create smurf accounts and start again from the very beginning (plus, there are a plethora of other things I want to do whilst I'm here). So I made the decision to quit the game for as long as I am out of the country.

Though I suspect I will still be keeping up with the competitive scene to an extent, I will no longer be able to play with the community and that saddens me a little. MOBAFire Inhouses were always pleasant to look forward to. It taught me many things, mostly that EUW is full of oddballs that just want to play whatever the heck they want to play, no matter what the heck it is and that we're all okay with it.

I'll still probably be ghosting around, but I will be even less active for sure.

Thanks for everything, guys. Til the next time on the Rift.

Good luck, have fun on the Fields of Justice.