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Tokala (Unverified)
Annie, Wukong, Lulu
Caster DPS, Melee DPS, Support


Mostly play bot games because I just like derping in the game, but my adverseness to solo is wearing off.

Mostly play mid, top and support.
-Mid is my main, and I have a wide selection. I've only really done well with Annie, maybe Lux and Morgana. I'd also like to use Akali sometime.
-Top I've had great success with Wukong. Still making a selection I like.
-Support I tend to use Sona, Lulu and Taric. Could also go Fiddlesticks.
-Carry I can use, but don't expect a grand last hitter. Caitlyn I prefer, but also have Ezreal.
-Jungle I've been able to do, but my skill isn't good for it. Xin Zhao and Fiddlesticks is what I have.

Who I'm looking at in the future:
Top: Renekton, Irelia, Riven
Mid: Talon/KhaZix, Orianna
Support: Thresh
Carry: Graves, Vayne
Jungle: Vi, Shyvana