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Summoner Info

Crunchy Turtle (Unverified)
Ashe, Akali, Nidalee
Melee DPS, Caster DPS, Tank


I started playing LoL at the beginning of Season 1 with my friend Ragie. Not so long after, he quit the game and I played on occasion but not very often. I hit lvl 30 on my Skittlzpvp account but decided to let my friend play on it, because he often got banned on his main with a horrible leaving track record. Now I am almost lvl 30 again with my smurf and soon to be main.

Born in Tennessee in 1995. My parents moved to Georgia about a year after I was born and I have lived here ever since. My mom mainly influenced my love for gaming, because she worked around computers and she even introduced me into games such as Everquest, World of Warcraft, and partially League of Legends. I have been active in many different games for the past 6 years and I hope to continue to see the rise of the eSports throughout many different competitive games.