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18 Nov
Downloaded LoLreplay a few weeks ago and I was really bored today so I decided to make a Janna montage with the few clips I had with her.

I'm not very skilled with video editing so I kinda just put together a simple video.

Everything is from ranked solo Q and team 5v5.

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17 May
Been having a rough time in ranked lately went from 88 points in Diamond division IV to being demoted to Diamond V. Now it's time to climb back up again like I've done two times before after being demoted :P

Going to stream a few ranked games this morning so anyone is welcome to join my chat and talk to me while I stream, which I enjoy very much :)

Btw, did anyone watch this nights Bellator? MVP is such an amazing fighter with his flashy and illusive style.
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13 May

Views: 751 Sketchbook Express

Tried out sketchbook express today. Messed around with the tools and managed to draw a half ugly Kratos from god of war (Messed up the chin and refused to fix it :P).

Enjoyed this program a lot so I will probably spend many hours with it learning how to draw with a mouse :)
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07 May
Zup Bloggen !
(may contain inappropriate content for some users)

We all remember the good old days when I used to troll in the faces to name thread on the forum, much hate, much love (from 1 or 2 but it still counts) and a lot of laughs, for me at least.

But since they embraced the no shirt policy for me on the forum (yes it's real) I've come to the conclusion that my blog can't be restricted so lets unleash the troll again and phuck the...
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