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Im a casual guy, aged 19 years and settled in Denmark. Currently I am taking education on 2nd year on a "technical-Gymnasium" shorted to HTX. It's not the most interesting education, but it is fine and I am not that far from being done by now.

In my sparetime I play alot of LoL and I've been playing LoL since beta, before that I've played alot of WoW and some DotA on a relatively high level. I have a fair share of experience with online gaming in general and I always like to play and talk with new people ^^

The last 4-5 years I've gotten an interest into working with Adobe Photoshop aswell, and that way I've started making signatures and other picture modulations for myself, my friends and people on different sites.

I am quite good at speaking and writing english even though it isn't my first language, and I am a pretty active talker in conversations. Both while writing and while talking ;)

If you ask for my opinion, then you will get it and I won't pack it in!