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Orianna, Irelia, Graves
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Hello there! My name is Adam, AKA Snowfall, I'm from the UK, and I play on the European servers, under the name 'Silencing'. I'm very lazy and will occasionally pump out a guide, or perhaps a signature when I can be bothered.

// I've played around 2000 - 3000 League of Legends games in total, on multiple accounts. I've been playing since late 2010, around the time that Irelia or LeBlanc was released. Since then, I've created 2 new accounts, and played many games on my friend's account.

// I don't really have any mains, just a large group of champions that I like to play quite a bit, I wouldn't really say I specialise in one champion, I just play many champions to a 1.5k - 1.6k standard. Maybe I should start playing just one champion. But anyway, I really like to play Nidalee, Lee Sin, Irelia, Sivir, Sona, Anivia, Orianna and Shyvana. Everything else I play is just generally to mess around and have fun.