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SquareMonocle (Unverified)
Jarvan IV, Jax, Jayce
Jungler, Melee DPS, Ranged DPS


I very rarely use Mobafire anymore. I don't make guides anymore and I don't look at guides anymore. If I want to find a stream I will just use the LoL Stream Browser plugin for Chrome. As you can see above I do have a YT channel,( btw that **** aint clickcable so: ) me and my 3 other friends handle it and we all play/upload League of Legends videos. And yes we do other **** too. If you wish to you can check us out and sub to us if you like our ****. We also have a stream;
I'm really the only one who streams but my friends will get into it one day, you can follow us on there if you please.

That is all, thank you for the good times when I felt like making guides and when I needed guides! :) I might come back to making guides some day but if I do I don't know if they will be on here. If I do decide to start making guides again you will know if they are on here or not.


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