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Summoner Info

Specolar (Unverified)
Rammus, Maokai, Leona
Tank, Tank, Tank


I love playing the tank characters I almost own all of them, which I am working on doing. I play them all the time on intermediate bots because I don't like it when I end up on a bad team in pvp from solo-queueing and getting blamed or yelled at for feeding, being a noob, and the other ******ed things people come up with because they lost in a game.

I like to use builds that go against the grain of most of the guides or the metagame, for example AD Akali, AS Vayne, AS Fiora, never jungling with Udyr or Lee Sin, non 0cs support Taric, support Lux etc. Or just use champions rarely seen, if seen at all (Sejuani(1), Karma(2), Xerath(3) the least played champions according to (ranks are in brackets)).

Champions I play (no particular order):
Tank: Sejuani, Maokai, Rammus, Leona, Volibear, Shen, Nautilus, and Galio
Support: Taric, Janna, Lux, and Karma
AP Carry: Xerath, Gragas
AD Carry: Udyr, Vayne, Fiora, and Garen

Champions I don't play all that often but own:
Jarvan IV, Rumble, Lee Sin, Alistar, Malphite, Nidalee, Tristana, Teemo, Akali, Evelynn, Soraka, Shyvana, Olaf, Kayle, Kennen, and Anivia

Champions I want:
Orianna, Irelia, Amumu, Wukong, Hecarim, Katarina, and Skarner