Hey, it's me,
you may not have seen me in a while and that's because I haven't been on here for a LONG time.
Things have changed, most notably my mental-state and idk this account doesn't really represent me or what I am doing anymore. All guides are very outdated and mostly useless. Back when I wrote these, I didn't understand the game as well as I do now. Not saying that I now completely understand the game or anything, but I used to understand even less and have no idea what the frick I was talking about.
Now I am just living my life ... more or less I guess ... I mean there's covid ... and my mental state, so I guess I'm just playing League at a disgustingly low level relative to time put into the game. I can't say for sure if I have grown as a person or am more mature, because I have no heckin idea what is going on with me, but I think I now understand the internet and stuff a bit better and may handle some things more maturely than before.
I have started using twitter like ... a LOT and if you wanna know what's up you can look there I guess.
And now the part that's important for this account:
I am running a (very small, so virtually non-existant) youtube channel for fun and I upload like every other year. Some of these videos are guides titles "very serious guides" about off meta picks I like to play. I have only made 3 as of posting this, but I plan on making more as kind of a hobby besides League. I stil mainly make videos about League, but at least I'm not losing my sanity in soloQ. Anyways since this account is unused, inactive outdated and honest to god ****ing cringe, I thought I may as well give it a hard reset, archive all current guides, and upload fully fleshed out mobafire-versions of these "very serious guides" over the course of time.
My guides weren't popular anyway and this would be a really convenient way to use the resources I have set up to support the video-guide's shortcomings, like being only 3-4 minutes long and with that being unable to cover everything I have to say, and complementing the guide in a better structured format with the video being a humorous introduction and TL;DR to it.
I will have to see how this works out, if I will manage to reset this account at all, if I will find motivation to create these guides, or if this will just end up like before this, unfinished ideas on an inactive account.

Anyways ... cya on the rift or something, I guess