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SteppenKat's Mobafire Blog

17 Oct
Hey there.

So, you like Runaan's Hurricane? When this item was released, many people thought it was very interesting - myself included. However, as time passed, there is a huge consensus in higher level play about the overall inneficiency of this item and how badly designed it is.

Oh my, why do you say this? It's an awesome item!

Well, the item by itself is pretty funny. I mean, who doesn't want to shoot three auto-attacks at once? Also, the animation is cool. And it gives a ****load of Attack Speed (70%!) And it also procs on-hit effects (so it looks good...
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07 Oct
Hey guys:

What would you think about a Tier - list for botlane? Would you enjoy reading an updated one? Obviously, it would be meta-related and with in-depth reasonings.

It would be SoloQ oriented, not only based in my experience but also relating to how these champions work in Low ELO, Mid strats and High ELO.

So unlike, let's say, Elementz Tierlist, I would make several "versions" of it so people can notice how some champs who look great in low ELO can be very meh the higher you climb the ladder, and the opposite.

Some may think "but a champion that is great in...
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22 Aug

I'm currently working on a Leona, as some may know. I wish to pick up some feedback in the meantime, so I may adress any possible issue that could worsen its overall quality.

Is there something in particular you'd like to see? Videos of "how to", item paths? A support synergy section?

I'm really curious in knowing what issues most Leona lovers have with the champion, or people that wish to learn her but don't really get how she works.

I am by no means an expert player, but I play her a whole lot and I think that I mostly know how she works. I still...
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17 Aug
Greetings, Mobafire.

This is actually my second account here (previous was Steppenwolf91). Reason being that I forgot my passwords. Anyhow, I didn't participate that much here and I wanted to change my nickname, so it's all good.

I would like to share with you the link of a blog I made this summer. I was planning on updating it frequently, but since I barely have any viewers, I had little incentive for writing articles.

This is the link. I need to update some things this afternoon (like champion pool, very outdated. Also, my current ELO - I raised...
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