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I'm a random person who plays LoL. I joined in mid-season 2 or so, but didn't play much 'till season 3. After about a year or so of playing, I quit before season 4 started and returned for the start of season 5. I should be a better player given the time I've had an account, but during that duration I didn't really invest much time. Given my streak of quitting and returning, I'll probably quit again sometime in the near, because I get bored way too easily.

This game is just for fun, and although I play ranked for fun, I dont plan nor do I desire to be in a high elo one day.

I enjoy playing ranked and playing games with friends, and Mobafire is a helpful website... Might make some guides.

(i ramble too much don't I)

Ranked Solo Q: Silver 5 (lol I'm "so" pro, not)

Ranked Team 5v5: Silver 1 (Nvm, reset now >.>)

Ranked Team 3v3: Bronze 4?? (Technically I never played this... Just other teammates did... cuz yolo)

IGN: Thedragonslover (lol I'm not good at picking names)

Top 5 champs for each role:

Bottom-lane AD Carries (Main Role):

#1- Vayne: Super-OP late game hypercarry, great pick for soloQ. Everything in her kit is amaazing, with a small gap-closer/escape, a stun, true dmg, invis, and ad steroid. With right mechanics, everything is possible with Vayne, even 1v5s (for da pros) My main adc, and I'm working on improving.

#2- Ashe: Although she might be considered "weak", and doesn't deal much dmg until late game, with crit, she is so damn useful in team fights. She has great engage, poke, and kiting, along with a pretty good amount of burst when she has crit. All around massive amounts of CC. Lacks escape, but as long as you have a half-decent support its ok. Utility is sometimes better than damage, imo. :)

#3- Kog'Maw: I used to use Kog more, and he'd be my top adc if it wasn't the fact that he's so damn squishy and kill-able. He's incredible late-game; highest range with his W, and amazing damage added onto that. His ult late game is great for kiting and super annoying. He works well AP too. Imo, he'd be one of the most powerful late game hyper-carries if he wasn't so team-reliant! Plus, he's frickin adorable.

#4- Twitch: Yep, I like the late game champs. Twitch doesn't have such a good landing phase, but what I love about him is his ability to completely obliterate entire teams using his ult. His kit is perfect for that, stay invis, at the beginning of a team fight, and ambush the enemy's entire team using your ult and E.

#5- Kalista: I don't really play her much before, but she's really fun to play with, when she's not bugged (riot plz). Idk, I just find her hilarious. With her passive, letting you kite all those slow melee champs who don't have gap closers, and using her ult whenever your support has like 10 health remaining. I just don't like how reliant she is on her oathsworn, and she really succumbs to other adcs late game.

(Ok no more speaking)


#1- Janna

#2- Morgana

#3- Vel'Koz

#4- Zyra

#5- Taric


#1- Cho'Gath

#2- Diana

#3- Lux

#4- Nidalee

#5- Zed


#1- Diana

#2- Shyvana

#3- Jarvan IV

#4- Fizz

#5- Evelynn


#1- Cho'Gath

#2- Nasus

#3- Aatrox

#4- Tryndamere

#5- Vel'Koz