So, today I was playing with this Warwick (I have Noodle 9 MMR) on my team, and I swear to god he was the worst player I've ever seen. I've played Intro bots on a second account and seen people feed Intro bots (Not on purpose), and he was about down to their level stupidity, but I would say it's worse in his case because he ISN'T new to the game. He had a Bronze icon from S3, and claimed to be have been playing since S1. I don't know about that, but I know he's been playing Ranked since S3 at least, and was at least Bronze 5 in S3. He was Bronze 5 this season so far, too.

Now, let's just go in chronological order of his idiotic statements, ideas, and actions. Anything he says is in red, anything I say is in light blue, anything a random teammates says is in green, and anything an enemy says is in orange.

Pre-Game Chat "i main juingle ww." "Cool...?" "ill carry u" "If I don't carry you first :P" "noob" "What?" "u cant carry ur in low elo" "You're hostile." "wow aatr? ur a scrub. troll pick." "K then." "Wow you're a **** *instert wws name here*"

Level 2 *Enemy has a Drag, enemy Udyr has 1 cs, is still level 1, and has not cleared any camps (Red/Blue are both warded)* *Warwick, level 2 goes down to attempt to level 2 solo dragon. Decent idea. Get's down there, being the unobservant dipwad he is, and says* "drake never spawned" *facepalm*

Level 3 *Executed! (Enemy)* "lol noob" *Executed! (WW)* *Facepalm numero dos*

Ganking my top lane around level 6 *An ally has been slain! First blood!* "noob why didnt u go in" "I had no health?" "u had passive" "Yeah, but I had no blood in my blood well, so by the time I got into the fight and started getting some in there, I would already die and I would come back with like 10 health, and then I would have just died again. I didn't even ask for a gank, why did you come?" "bcs u neded help* "If I needed help, I would have pinged. I'm not stupid. I know what I'm doing. To be honest at this point, I'm surprised you even know what my passive does." "noob. losing lane to jax." "Two things: One, I have literally triple his cs give or take a few, and I wasn't even that far behind in health. I was winning by just a bit. Two, he's my hardest counter. What would you expect? I'm losing lane now because you fed him a kill. Thanks." "scrub"

Warwick, now on his 4th death, split half-half between executes to Gromp, and two from horribly failed ganks, attempts to tell me why I'm doing so bad (I'm actually stomping out Jax at this point. 4-0, double his cs, tower taken, 16 minutes in.) "aatrox, jax is mid, thanks for the mia ping." "Oh, I'm sorry. I'll come down and help. I didn't even realize he wasn't here. It's basically been like he isn't here the entire game anyways :P" "thank you" "[ALL] aatrox is noob report for no skill" "What is your issue?" "yeah really." "you suck aatrox. you lost to a jax. you picked aatrox. you first build blade of the randuin king (He really said that. Not exaggerating.) and are working on banshees veil (Actually Spirit Visage, but I only had Spectre's Cowl so I can see how he thought that.) u dont mia ping you pick worthles heros and only have 169 cs at 16 minutes in." "Why would we report Aatrox? He's stomping." "^" "[ALL] u suck if u thank he is stomp" "Do you even grammar?" "aatrox stop being so bad"

21 minutes in "aatrox go solo baron if you're so fed" "I built tanky because you're the dumbass building straight damage WW against a full bruiser team. They have 2 heavy damage dealers, and one kinda damaging mega morphin spirit man thing, and you built straight damage. You're so far behind you can't even HURT their ADC. You barely even tickle. Level 10 at 21 minutes in. How do you even manage that? You have more deaths than our team has kills, and I have more kills+assists than you do CS. How am I supposed to solo baron this early, when I built tanky, because you think you're a god." "^" "^" "^" "[ALL] aat cant even solo baron. he is scrub. report pls" "Do you have downs?" "Give me a W!" "Give me an A!" "Give me an R!" "Give me a W!" "Give me an I!" "Give me a C!" "Give me a K!" "What does that spell?" "warwick?" "Useless ****ing idiot!" "... noob u got that from rex" ", actually." "ur stupid" "Says the guy that thought Stephanos Rex came up with that form of an insult." "i quit u guys r stupid" "Good, maybe now you won't give them another 13 kills." "^"

I don't think I've ever encountered a more toxic, bad, and stupid player. This pissed me off more than my life does every time I think about it (God I'm a sad little boy).