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Stylistical's Mobafire Blog - Tag: QQ

17 Mar

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So, today I was playing with this Warwick (I have Noodle 9 MMR) on my team, and I swear to god he was the worst player I've ever seen. I've played Intro bots on a second account and seen people feed Intro bots (Not on purpose), and he was about down to their level stupidity, but I would say it's worse in his case because he ISN'T new to the game. He had a Bronze icon from S3, and claimed to be have been playing since S1. I don't know about that, but I know he's been playing Ranked since S3 at least, and was at least Bronze 5 in S3. He was Bronze 5 this season so far, too.

Now, let's just...
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25 Dec
So like today
I was playin
And like
I had about 3 stacks
and I got a crit
and it killed
the minion had like 10 health
i felt so cool
and then I died
i was all like "wtf riven get off my **** *****"
and she was all like "Go back to your kennel you ****ing poodle"
and i was like "imma beat yo *** *****"
and she was like "I'm going to cut off your tail"
and i was like "i dun even have a tail"
and she was like "I'll make you one and then put it on you and then cut it off"
and i was like "i think were done...
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