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Zyda (Unverified)
Vayne, Zed, Lee Sin
Marksman, Assassin, Mage


Hey there, I'm Riley Lawson, a dedicated player in the League of Legends and expat. Combine those two and you get a server changing player. I started in Sweden, which means I was on Europe Nordic East, I never managed to stay in a country long enough for me to play on a single account for more than one season. I gave my accounts to friends as I didn't have the RP for a server transfer. Then I moved to London, England and played on Europe West. Then I moved to Indonesia and played on the NA server, not Garena. Then I finally moved to Garena a year later when the server location in NA moved to Chicago. But what I can say is what I achieved high elo's prior to my leavings and handing off my accounts. In Season 2 I got to Diamond on EUNE, season 3 I got to Diamond in EUW, Season 4 I got to Diamond again except on the NA server, last year I joined Garena but it was too late to get any reward for ranked, but I made it to Challenger, Garena is so much easier. So I believe my experience would be able to help you guys out.

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