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Fiora, Riven, Kai'Sa
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I started league back in preseason 7, I had no prior MOBA experience and i played CS:GO for about 2 years before that. I was able to get to the top 15% of the 11+ million players at my peak of playing the game but i grew tired of it for various reasons. Once I moved onto league I had a friend show me the ropes and slowly but surely developed into the feeble Bronze I once was. Now I'm a High Plat player trying my best and worst to get to Diamond! (Because with K/D/A's like mine you'd probably would think I throw half the games I play) That brings us here to today where I've unsuccessfully roamed down to your lane and fed you with some knowledge! Lets hope you don't throw that lead away K? ;)

- R X G -

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