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Hello, I'm Tallus Valeman, I am not sure what to tell here, however, I suppose I should start with my age and all. I am 22 years old and very big on gaming. I found out about LoL (League of Legends) through my friends and decided to give it a shot. I immediately went head over heels with it. I started out with Sion who I used as my main champion for a while until Jarvan I decided to start trying to play Xin Zhao to get ready for Jarvan, seeing as how they were almost similar in some ways to me. Then, when Jarvan did come out, I bought him and loved him. Ended up using him as my main after that. When I finally got so accustomed to my past champions, I started to want more variety in my champions, so I would play ones I had no idea how to play and I still do that to this day. Back on topic, When Nocturne became available, again, I bought him and he too ended up being my main champion and still is. Now I am on the newest champion of the League...Yorick. Anyway, I am a level 30 Summoner and I do look at the Tribunal from time to time. Um, I post on the forums when I have ideas for a champion concept which I believe I have only posted two as of this point. Now I am going to try to post my builds for the champions I use. So I guess this would be it. No idea what else I should put so I'm off. GL HF in your matches on LoL!