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Fiddlesticks, Morgana, Nidalee
Caster DPS, Jungler


Spend a lot of my time in mid, but largely spend time cheesing now. I mostly enjoy vanilla fidd or morg in mid, duo carry AP nidalee in bot, midcritplank, mana tank swain and amumu jungle.

I would probably consider fiddlesticks and morgana my most played champions (morgana just cause she's so broken and fidd just because he really gets the pulse racing) because they suit my incredibly agressive playstyle. I generally like champions who are actually useful to the team and have some kind of AoE / utility presence (fidd's MR reduction, morg's teamstun/slow, swain's CC) because it can make all the difference with chain ults. ... I play nid because of the spears. :P

Maybe I'll write a guide on how I like to play my champs at some point when I'm less busy with uni.