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Taz the Maz
Zed, Yasuo, Ekko


Well I have been playing League of Legends for quite a reason. I never actually played ranked because of the grind you have to make so I only played my placements and a few more games. I love playing assassins and I got into Zed. Next came along Yasuo and I started to play him a lot. I play quite a bit of Katarina but she didn't mark my heart the same way Ekko did. Ekko became my third favorite. I became mastery 7 with Zed and Yasuo, while working on Ekko meanwhile. I don't only play mid lane. I play all the other lanes which I'm decent at. I know how to kite with an adc, and engage with a tank, and gank with junglers, etc. I hope to provide you with helpful guides and you guys will read my content and find use of it.