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Teemoshy (Unverified)
Tristana, Lulu, Teemo


I have been accruing game knowledge for close to a 2 years and trying to find time to play. I main support and also jungle and ADC mostly. However, I have 2 jobs that work me from 4:30 am to 5:30 pm and go to bed at like 8. I'm an old man in a young mans body.

The name stems from my first League encounter and champion Teemo and my favorite pony Fluttershy just in case you were wondering.

I'm currently trying to find time to get ranked in and finally do something with it for once. Current roster is:

SUPPORT: Annie, Leona, Lulu, Nami

ADC: Jinx, Corki, Lucian, Tristana

JANGLE: Pantheon, Sejuani

MID: Annie, Lulu, Corki

TOP: Lulu, Gnar (Don't plan on playing too often)

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