So this is a small excerpt of a section I've added to my 3v3 Gragas guide to try to help people with things I see over and over again in my Normal TT matches. I hope that posting it in blog form can help some of you twisted summoners out there to improve your 3v3 objective game because they're just as important in TT as they are in SR.

"Too many times have I lost Normals due to my randoms not knowing what objectives are more important than others. Here's a very important thing to understand:
Towers > Alters

For whatever reason, many people seem to think that taking the enemy team's alter is a smart plan while I'm the only person pushing to try to get a bit of damage on a tower, pinging away on the tower to get them to help :( Here are some things to think about after you get an ace.
  • Taking a tower is permanent. It won't just respawn in 90 seconds. That thing is gone until you queue up for your next TT match.
  • Towers give 150g per teammate whereas alters give 80g. That's almost double! More gold = more :D
  • Taking a tower will give you more map control, thus giving you more reign over the enemy alter. WUT! I CAN HAZ BOATH? And if you took top turret, you have more power over Vilemaw as well."