(Got the idea from Meiyjhe)

Hi all! If you are interested to know what I will do to try and contribute to the community, just take a bit of time to read what I am going to type out:

#1 Updates on both of my guides:

Recently, I have been trollvoted quite badly. I really do not know what I should do with the guides though. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment below!

#2 Working on a new guide:

Currently, I am spending a lot of time to work on a support Lulu guide! astrolia unfortunately archived his support Lulu guide, so I felt the need to include a new one cause the other support Lulu guides are either outdated or are not good enough (this excludes the top lane Lulu etc guides)

#3 My Review shop:

I do spend the time to try playing games for a certain champion in each guide that I review to determine how good it is. I like to do a few at a time, currently I don't really have the time to play normally and to test out builds, so guide reviewing will of course be finished but it may take a while.

#4 My "Inside a Champion" Series:

I am currently working on Annie (a bit harder than the first 2 lol) and the next one will be on Karthus. I feel like Fizz is a kinda straightforward champion though, apart from what happened to his underwater city.

#5 A possible new blog series?:

I am thinking of making a blog series about what each champion faces and his or her thoughts when undergoing a Judgement (something Riot removed since I think late 2011/early 2012?). I think that this series will be interesting.

Do share your thoughts on any of the statuses above, comments are greatly appreciated!

Teh Grazzh0pper

(On a side note, does anyone want to make a guess how I created my IGN?)