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Teh Grazzh0pper's Mobafire Blog

05 Jun
(Got the idea from Meiyjhe)

Hi all! If you are interested to know what I will do to try and contribute to the community, just take a bit of time to read what I am going to type out:

#1 Updates on both of my guides:

Recently, I have been trollvoted quite badly. I really do not know what I should do with the guides though. If you have any ideas, feel free to comment below!

#2 Working on a new guide:

Currently, I am spending a lot of time to work on a support Lulu guide! astrolia unfortunately archived his support Lulu guide, so I felt the need to include a new one...
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03 Jun
Hi! Teh Grazzh0pper back again, bringing to you another blog on inside a champion, where I will be talking about a champion's motive for doing certain actions or being perceived in such a way. This one will be a bit long though.

Well, many perceive Veigar to be the oddball with the high pitched voice, the master of evil who is twisted and can nuke AP casters as long as he lands his Event Horizon.

However, if you read his lore, you will find out that he was turned mad after being set up to take the blame for others. I leave you to read that part of his lore.

But I do not...
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01 Jun
Hello all! I know that my only blogs were really random, but this blog is the first of a series that I want to blog about, about the characteristics of a champion and why they do certain actions or are perceived in a certain perspective. Do note that this is just my opinion though.

Well, I'm gonna start it with Draven, or "The League of Draven".

To us, Draven has an extremely high ego and is extremely flamboyant. He seems like an arrogant person, and he seems like a brutal and cold-hearted executioner who only cares about winning and fame.

But why is...
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20 Apr
So when I first created my Ezreal guide, it was going well. It was at around 85% at its peak. But since then due to some trolls my guide has somehow fallen to 76%. Thus I am archiving my old guide and recreating it, this time with some changes to it like the masteries change and summoner spell changes. Turning on C2V the entire time as I don't want to get trollvoted so badly like last time lol.
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