Hello all! I know that my only blogs were really random, but this blog is the first of a series that I want to blog about, about the characteristics of a champion and why they do certain actions or are perceived in a certain perspective. Do note that this is just my opinion though.

Well, I'm gonna start it with Draven, or "The League of Draven".

To us, Draven has an extremely high ego and is extremely flamboyant. He seems like an arrogant person, and he seems like a brutal and cold-hearted executioner who only cares about winning and fame.

But why is Draven like this? Most of it has to come from his background.

Although his childhood was never mentioned in his law, his elder brother Darius's law reads that they were orphaned at a young age. Draven, being the younger brother, must have been really young when he lost two figures that could have played an important part in his upbringing. He and his brother had to constantly fight just to stay alive, and this life is never one of glory-it is simply a fight for survival. He lacked the love from his parents at a young age, with Darius the only person he is really close to. Even then, brotherly love is not often physically shown and this may cause Draven to feel that he is unloved from a young age. He feels lonely and he just wants to be recognized and known to many, trying to bring back the two parental figures that he has lost from a young age.

This resulted in him craving for more-he did not want to be a simple Noxian soldier, who was not to be recognized by many unless he made it up the ranks. He wanted to do something out of the ordinary, something that will make many love him and want to be like him. Darius was older than him, so I think that he had the maturity to understand his own plight and act accordingly. However, the death of their parents hit Draven harder than his own brother

So, he decided to do something that is not really popular, but yet become a celebrity in a sense. He is flamboyant as he wants to constantly impress the audience. He wants to be popular, and he wants to be famous. He also distinguished himself among the other executioners by wearing outfits, having the desire to impress the masses and make himself famous. To him, the executions were just his stage, his moment to impress. To feel the love that he yearns, to not feel lonely and to feel wanted by many, something that he has lacked from young.

However, has anyone of you thought why Draven even wanted to become an executioner in the first place? Well, I think that this is related to his childhood. Although it is not stated, there is a large likelihood that his parents were killed, and they could have even been killed in front of his eyes. By taking the executioner job, he viewed this job as a way of "revenge", with each kill that he makes symbolic to the death of his parents killers. He is cruel by giving them one feeble chance to flee before striking them down, just like how merciless the killers of his parents were.

Behind that smile on his face, behind the ego that many seem to think is solely based on arrogance, there is a much deeper, darker side of him.

I hope you enjoyed the read :). Tell me the next champion you want me to do if you like! Comments are also appreciated :D.

-Teh Grazzh0pper